Exercising Each Day, Helps to Keep Insomnia Away

Exercising for just 10-20 minutes each day, can help you sleep better at night. In fact, physical activity during the day is important to bring back balance to your daytime/night-time cycle.

(You also may reduce your chances of of running into other sleep disorders such as sleep apnea and restless leg syndrome.)

exercise and sleep running

How Does Exercise Help You Sleep?

Good question. The relation ship between exercise and sleep can be looked at in simple terms of “if you work out, you’ll become tires, therefore making it easier to fall asleep”. And as true as that simplification is, I’m sure you’d like to understand a bit more…

Exercise might be the best exercise and sleep workoutand most natural way to help eliminate stress that can sometimes follow you into the bedroom. Whether it’s lifting weights, punching a bag, or just going for a jog, exercise is, in it’s own right, a form of meditation. It allows you to focus on what your body is doing and how your body is feeling, while also enabling you to exert any built up tension or stress.

Taking time for physical activity during the day also increases your body temperature, which allows for your body’s temperature to spike then slowly decrease over the day and into bed time.

(The lowering of your body temperature at night is natural, and signals to your body that it’s time for bed.)

The Best Time to Exercise

There is no “perfect” time to workout during the day, however the morning or early afternoon is better than an after work run. I’ve personally found that the morning time works best when you can squeeze a quick run in before work, because

  1. It’s really effecting at waking you up.
  2. Helps build up energy that can last all day.
  3. Gives your body enough time to calm down before the evening.

exercise and sleep 10 minutesBONUS: If you can manage to get a workout outdoors, it’s even better for you. The sunlight will help give you energy by telling your body “it’s light out; time to be awake”.

That being said, it’s still okay if you work out after the sun has set. I’ve also found that as long as I don’t take any pre-workout or energy supplement for my evening exercises, I’m able to cool down before bedtime rolls around. It’s best to go with whatever works for you, just as long as you commit to taking the time to exercise.

It doesn’t matter what kind of exercise you end up doing, just as long as it’s enough to produce some sweat and get the body going. In the end, you just want to keep your cycle of day in, day out balanced and you will find that your sleep will improve!